CLIENT: CARAM Asia Bhd.    CATEGORY: Website Development, Website Design     TOOLS USED: WordPress, PHP

The Old and the New

Caram Asia Case Documentation System (CDS) is the very reason why LeafByte Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated. We are founded to help companies that are still doing their operations the old way though paper, pen and calculators. We had envisioned changing the traditional way of doing things into a modern, autonomous and efficient system.

CDS was the best project to prove how traditional paper based forms could be transformed into online forms stored in databases. Once the data was in database, so many interesting analysis were done on the data. The result of this system was real-time graphs, real-time dashboards and near real-time report generation. This was truly a step forward towards experiencing the power of IT.

The Requirements

The customer contacted us to develop the system with the following features:

  • Three Online forms
  • Auto save option incase the forms were left un filled
  • Database to store the data from the forms
  • User levels to mange incoming data from different countries
  • Dashboards to display data in real-time
  • Graphing engine to produce real-time graphs form the received data
  • Logging engine to trace the origin of data
  • A beautiful frontend design with a crayon look and feel

Our Approach

As a standard in our company, the requirements were first gathered. This is a particularly challenging process when working with customers who are not from and IT background. However, we were up for the challenge and our project manager spent numerous hours with the customer to draft and firm up the requirements.

As the next step, requirement analyst worked tirelessly on the requirements of this project to translate them in to Requirement Document and Requirement Analysis Document. These documents were then presented to the customer for verification.

Finally the product was perfected over three (3) versions. With unmatched customization and ground up graphics, we delivered, configured and hosted the system for our customers.

Potential Applicability

Although the platform was developed to automate form filling, we have come to realize that the platform can be used for many vertical applications. Here are some of them:

  • Building dashboards from existing data
  • Generating real-time graphs with the graphing engine
  • Feedback platform
  • Complaints platform
  • Survey platform
  • Any manual process to automated process involving documents

Our Take

This project was our very first undertaking. We are very proud of what was achieved and definitely very thankful to Br. Harun for putting his trust and support in us. We shall remember this platform forever.

Do get in touch with us for a demo of this system.

Live system: