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A Game Changer


“Guaranteed BuyBack (GBB) system is like an electronic web store but not exactly. Its like an online rental shop but not really”. Where the first expressions of the requirement gathering team when we first heard about the project. GBB system is a platform that allows our customer’s site visitors to purchase a textbook at the full price. The visitors then use the book throughout the semester and return it to get a partial refund. The refunded about would be saved in an e-wallet that can then be used to pay for new book purchases on the system.


This platform is truly a game changer as it makes purchasing of latest edition books more affordable to the students. So much so that, its more expensive to photocopy a book than to own the original copy. Our customer called it the Guaranteed Buyback system.


The Requirements


The customer contacted us to develop a one of a kind system with the following features:


  • Customer registration from backend and frontend
  • User privilege levels for accessing the system
  • E-wallet to store system wide credit
  • Guaranteed buyback options
  • Order processing from backend
  • Order from frontend and backend
  • Inventory management of new and used books
  • Return processing
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Reporting on sales and order statistics
  • Dashboard of important events in the system
  • Logging of system wide events as and evidence tracker
  • A beautiful frontend design with a crayon look and feel


Our Approach


A system this huge has to be handled with all the proper processes for a successful product delivery because many things can go wrong if handled by inexperienced project managers.


Our requirement analyst worked tirelessly on the requirements of this project to translate them in to Requirement Document and Requirement Analysis Document. These documents were then presented to the customer for verification.


Our RnD team then cracked its head in numerous brainstorming sessions to put together the components of this system and defined the communication interfaces between them.


In the end a system of systems, a platform, was developed to incorporate our customer’s business model with custom made graphics based on customer requirements.


Potential Applicability


Although the platform was developed to handle books, we have come to realize that the platform can be used for many vertical applications. Here are some of them:


  • Video rentals
  • Library book rentals
  • Cloth rentals for wedding shoots and other events
  • Car rentals
  • Equipment rentals
  • Many more… use cases are endless


Our Take


This platform pushed us to the limits of innovation. There was no other available system to integrate together. This was not a simple system integration work; hence everything was conceptualized and developed from scratch. Truly an experience to remember.

Do get in touch with us for a demo of this system at http://www.textbookasia.com/.